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On February 4, 2008, in Uncategorized, by Meghan

Thank you to all of you for the nice comments. I am so grateful for all of you and your positive thoughts. I will respond individually to each of you when I return to Wyoming. I will also post a write-up about everything that I learned this weekend. For now, my sweetie and I are headed to Big Bend National Park in west Texas for a week of vacation. Thanks again!


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  1. JeffO says:

    Have fun in Big Bend.

    I was thinking…
    Have you done anything between 50M and 100M? ‘Cause it seems to me that in spite of running 73 miles impressively fast, but not finishing, the length of the run is right on-track for a healthy, gradual progression up to 100 miles.
    Experience at 100M distances is hard to build. You’re getting there quickly.

  2. Journey to a Centum says:

    Damn woman! – were you trying to win the race outright? Someone must have lit your shorts on fire. Trevor you bad boy!

    Keep this up and Darcy Africa better be looking in the rear view mirror. We just may have a new Sheriff in town!

    Trail Scat

  3. corrado giamablvo says:

    Meghan the Intrepid,
    Have been off the web for a week or so i learn of your results with some delay.
    As a function of my inexperience, the orders of magnitude in this endeavour (emotional and kilometric) are too big to comment without recap. I await to read.
    A gut feeling tells me it’s a calendar issue. But Life’s not just about guts.
    All the best, for some good rest. To you and your sweetie. corrado.

  4. Anonymous says:


    I can’t seem to find a phone number or e-mail address for you, so will try this. I would like to feature you as an Age-Group Ace in an upcoming issue of Running Times Magazine. Would you mind contacting me at or by calling 808-262-6604 (Hawaii number, so don’t call too earyl). Thanks.

    Mike Tymn

  5. Meghan says:

    JeffO- I hadn’t run a distance longer than 50 miles prior to RR100. But I have done two Grand Canyon double crossings, which, in terms of time-on-feet, represent the middle ground between 50 milers and 100 milers. You sure hit the nail on the head regarding the progression thing, me thinks.

    Eric- I was mostly trying to make a strong showing. Thanks, but I’m pretty sure that Darcy has nothing to worry about!

    Corrado- Thank you for your kind support. It is daunting to think about how to begin writing, but I will begin today.

    Mike- Thanks, and I have emailed you.

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