Oops, The End, And What’s Going On

On February 20, 2008, in Uncategorized, by Meghan

Oops, I got a little distracted by the weekend and stopped writing about Rocky Raccoon. I’ll take that as some subconscious internal messaging urging me to stop thinking/talking/nightmare-ing about my Rocky Raccoon failure and to move on to other more positive topics.

But, before I say “The End,” I want to publicly thank my crew. I’m probably biased in saying this, and I have also said this previously on my blog, but my crew was the best-est, ever. My mom and sweetie were selflessly there for me, helping me work towards my goals. Thank you to both of you for your love and support!

Someone anonymous once said, “The harder you fall, the higher you bounce.” I have no shame about falling hard this time because I will use the experience to bounce higher, starting right now. With that, The End.

I’m currently a little over half done with 4 weeks of rest, recovery, and light training. For the first 2 weeks, I had no structured program except to rest, cross train, and not run. During this week and next week, I’m returning with 3 runs per week, my regularly scheduled strength training program, and some very light cross training. At the beginning of March, I’ll be back and training hard again! I’m pretty giddy and excited about my upcoming training and, later, racing. My plans are still in development, and I will share them as soon as they are finalized.

In the meantime, I’m finding this middle ground of recovery and rest kind of challenging. About 10 days ago, when I was still feeling the effects of RR100, I was happy to sit on my behind and eat Girl Scout Cookies and drink wine (I’m not kidding!). Today, I feel physically recovered and mentally charged but I’ll still be (mostly) sitting on my behind. In 10 more days, I suspect I’ll be like a wind-up car, all wound up and ready to be cut loose.

Next up on my blog (At least I’m using my free time to blog heartily.), I’ll post some stories and pictures of vacation in Big Bend National Park!


3 Responses to “Oops, The End, And What’s Going On”

  1. Backofpack says:

    Wine & Girl Scout Cookies? What I want to know, is how’d you get the GS cookies? They haven’t come out here yet…the orders are in though. I’ll have to post the picture of me, wine glass in hand after Orcas. It’s lovely!

    It’s hard to rest and recover – I’ve got sore quads but went out and ran today anyway. They’re still sore!

  2. JeffO says:

    Nice to hear the Energizer Bunny takes a break too.

    I’ve learned from your experiences.
    A friend cautioned me,”What you learn from one race doesn’t necessarily carry over to other races. Every race – every day you’re different.”
    That’s not what I wanted to hear but it’s true.
    But that’s one more reason for me to persevere. We just keep chugging, and each day we become more capable, regardless.

    Speaking of GS cookies, already ate some chocolate mint. Yum.

  3. Meghan says:

    Oops, I’ve forgotten to respond to comments in the last few days. Probably you two will never see this…

    Michelle- The Girl Scouts were out with their cookies in full force down in Texas!

    JeffO- I think you’re right about every race being different, but I also think that I have learned a lot from my experience. I hope to take that knowledge forward to do better next time! Oh, and I was eating Thin Mints, too!

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