Shorts In February

On February 20, 2008, in Nature, Running, by Meghan

A brave exposure of flesh occurs on a February thaw day.

Let it be known that, as pictured, I wore shorts to run today, this 20th day of February. Let it also be known that last year, I didn’t wear shorts until March 7th.

Everything was out in celebration of the day. In 90 minutes, I ran past muddy humans, mangy deer, pronghorn antelope with their fading winter coats, hungry-looking elk, the always stoic bison, and a snowshoe hare still sporting its winter white, all wintertime survivors. Junebug the Border Collie and I splashed around in snowmelt puddles, slid around in sloppy mud, and even got HOT (I took off my jacket and Junebug drank from the aforementioned puddles.)! It won’t last, I’m sure, but the sun and its warmth were sights for sad winter eyes today.

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5 Responses to “Shorts In February”

  1. Beth says:

    AWESOME Meghan!!! The occasional shorts run does wonders for the soul! Hope your recovery is going well – take care of yourself!! 🙂

  2. jeff says:

    don’t be upset, but something in the photo distracted me and i couldn’t stop looking at them.

    your chairs.

    i love mission style chairs. the straight lines, the intersections, the colour of the wood. aaah.

    yay for your run and i’ll echo beth and say i hope your recovery is going well.

  3. Backofpack says:

    Okay, now this is funny. I noticed the chairs right away too! We have mission style furniture and I love it.

  4. Backofpack says:

    I forgot to say -I don’t want this to be a plug, just a comment, so I’ll be cryptic and figure you’ll get it. My brother owns a furniture company & stores in Bozeman and other parts of MT. Cool stuff!

  5. Meghan says:

    Beth- Oh how it soothed my soul! Now, after 3 days of shorts weather I’m getting just plain spoiled! The weekend snow forecast is making me sad!

    Jeff and Michelle- Thanks for the chair compliment! But you were supposed to notice the birght sunshine coming in the windows!

    Michelle (again)- I need to visit this store that you and Eric have occasionally mention. Thing is, I don’t really need any furniture! 🙂

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