West Texas Waltzing

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My pickup needs a tune-up
I better get up and make up
My mind to get busy today,
The tractor’s been actin’ up
The sewer lines are backin’ up
But I’ll be dancin’ tonight anyway,
I’ll go dancin’ tonight anyway,
‘Cause I count my blessings
I don’t count my faults
I like to dance like the dickens to the West Texas Waltz.

(Butch Hancock, “West Texas Waltz”)

We did a lot more on our trip to Big Bend than I have time (and energy) to document on my blog. I’ll conclude my Big Bend trip report with an entry about my favorite part of our west Texas wilderness waltzing (Notwithstanding, of course, the three days we spent hanging out with my Big Bend friends.), our backpacking trip into the Chisos Mountains. And, and (Perhaps to your joy in not having to skim through my writing.), I’ll let the pictures speak mostly for themselves.

(Just beginning our trip, my sweetie photpgraphed me with “The Window” in the background (Appropriately named, would you agree?). We hiked up the Laguna Meadows Trail from its beginning elevation of about 5200 feet.)

(Here’s my sweetie climbing the Laguna Meadows Trail. We’re headed through the pass that’s on the left-ish side of the photo, right where the sun beam is shining down.)

(Here’s me and view from the pass. The prominent mountain in the right background is “Casa Grande.” In english, that’s “Big House” because it looks like a giant rock house. The elevation here is approaching 7000 feet, pretty tall by Texas standards!)

(About 4 miles beyond the pass, and 8 miles total from the trailhead, we arrived to our destination, the “South Rim.” We set up our camp at a designated campsite, which seemed to be more populated with deer than people. These Del Carmen White Tail Deer were nervous yet still fairly tolerant of our presence.)

(The South Rim is a long cliff of rock, not altogether different from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Here in Big Bend, the South Rim falls almost 3000 vertical feet to the desert below. My sweetie took this photo of a scraggly juniper tree perched on the edge of the South Rim.)

(It’s tough to see us self-portraited on the South Rim at sunset. We cooked dinner as we watched Mother Nature’s show. It was a little chilly up there at 7400 feet elevation!)

(Here I am, the next morning, taking one last look at the South Rim. The view beyond the South Rim extends well into Mexico. I’ve sat in this very spot probably 10 times before, but I will never grow tired of it!)

(We next hiked on the Boot Canyon Trail as we headed in the general direction of the trailhead. The trail is named after this pinnacle of rock, which looks suspciously like an upside-down cowboy boot.)

(We made a diversion along the 2 mile out-and-back trail that gains over 1000 feet to Big Bend’s high point, Emory Peak. Here’s the view from the peak, at just over 7800 feet. The Chisos Mountains are a perfect example of desert mountains, rugged and rough. After returning from Emory Peak, we followed the Pinnacles Trail back to the trailhead, concluding our 2-day, 18 mile backpacking trip.)


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  1. Audrey says:

    Gorgeous pictures!! But you know first hand how beautiful it is!!

  2. Alisha says:

    Wow the tree/sunset photo is amazing. You should print out and frame a big one of that

  3. Beth says:

    I’m simply amazed at all the beautiful places you’ve been!! And always appreciative that you share with us!! Makes me realize what a whole big world is out there… Thanks Meghan!

  4. Journey to a Centum says:

    Wow, Gorgeous, Beautiful. All used in previous comments. Looks like a lot of fun and a great way to totally unwind.

  5. Journey to a Centum says:

    Check out the second entry of one of my local ultra and blog buddies Shawn: She just did the Susitna 100 up in Alaska. I guess 100 miles isn’t tough enough. You need to throw in severe cold and deep snow.

  6. JeffO says:

    Y’all must’ve had a great time.
    The boot is a really odd formation.
    I 2nd the motion: The photo of the tree sillouetted by the sun is very good even by professional standards. That one needs framing.

  7. Backofpack says:

    It’s an amazing world isn’t it? We get so caught up in the bustle of our lives that we forget that there are wild, beautiful places to see. Thanks again for sharing them with us.

  8. BreeWee says:

    WOW! These places are so beautiful… it is so amazing how many awesome sights we have on Earth (not all beach places)… I have never been to a view like this! Thanks for sharing!

  9. olga says:

    You know, I sriously want to go TX…well, may be to this particular place. I’ll email you for info when I am ready!

  10. KendraBo says:

    Wow, the sky looks so blue and the landscape looks so unfamiliar and exotic to me. You almost wonder why anyone needs to go abroad when we’ve got such awesome stuff on this continent. Thanks for opening up a new world!

  11. Meghan says:

    Hi Y’all! Thanks for the lovely compliments, though they are due mostly to Mother Nature who made that beautiful place.

    Audrey- Thanks! My sweetie took almost all of them. How’s the foot today?

    Alisha- My sweetie took that photo and I shall tell him!

    Beth- I am so lucky to explore and travel the way that I do. I feel so fortunate for that! Thanks for reminding me of this! And, yes, the world is so big!

    Eric- I’ll check out that blog. So crazy! More crazy is the Iditasport race that’s going on in Alaska right now; people are running, skiing, and biking their way through the winter Alaska wilderness, some for 350 miles, some for over 700 miles. So amazing!

    JeffO- As said above, my sweetie took that photo and I’ll relay the compliments! It was a great time!

    Michelle- So agreed, 100%. I live in the middle of wilderness and I still find myself getting caught up in the stresses of life! Silly of me, I know.

    Breewee- Thanks for visiting and commenting. Oh my is the world big and beautiful!

    Olga- Big Bend will be ready and waiting if ever you get the urge to go!

    Kendra- Agreed!

  12. A says:

    oh, wow, I am finally catching up on blog reading, and I just love your photos! What a magnificent place! I can just about feel the air, and the landscape is just breathtaking. I am so glad you got a few days to hang out there! And equally glad that you shared the tales and photos with us! This is the time of year when a vicarious trip to somewhere warm and sunny is pretty nice … 🙂 Fun!


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