Lamb Or Lion?

On March 2, 2008, in Uncategorized, by Meghan

In the midst of what seemed to be a pleasant pre-spring thaw, winter vehemently returned. And, perhaps coincidentally, winter also returned in the middle of yesterday’s long run.

Yesterday morning, I was confident that March was coming in like a lamb. The sun was burning through the morning clouds; puddles were already forming in the street; someone walked by wearing no jacket. I looked at the thermometer, which read a delightful 39 degrees Fahrenheit, knew it would be even warmer where I was headed to run (1000 feet lower in elevation), and dressed looking like this (I also added a jacket at the last minute.):

The first 25 minutes of the run were indescribably lovely! I was hot! Then, I noticed what appeared to be a white wall headed towards me from the north. Before I had time to realize what was happening, the white wall enveloped me with a torrent of cold wind and icy sleet. I stubbornly ran on, into the stiff headwind and painful precipitation.

I survived the long run, in what had devolved into winter whiteout conditions, but it wasn’t pretty. Can I summarize it by saying that, when I arrived back to my car, the zipper on my coat was frozen shut with sleet and my glasses were iced over like a car windshield? However, there was no way I was missing my first day of training, even if March had decided to come in like a lion, after all.

Today’s weather was much more pleasant, as yesterday’s storm had given way to a gorgeous, sunny day. I volunteered at the Jardine Ski Run, a local ski festival with skate skiing and classic skiing races. There were all kinds of folks out, from serious skate skiers, to toddlers just learning how to move on skis:

There were several different races held today, but I’d wager that this race was the day’s hottest contest:

These two little guys dueled all the way to the finish line in their short, 1 kilometer race. Just before the above photo was taken, the little boy on the right had fallen and the one on the left had taken the lead. Then, this photo shows the left side boy falling, and the right side boy surging. Here’s his big surge to the finish line:

And his fallen comrade, aka Batman (There was a costume contest, also.), following closely behind to a solid second place:

Both were all smiles immediately afterwards as they joined each other to play in the snow.

Here’s today’s toughest girl (the overall female winner in the longest skate skiing event):

And, the day’s best fall:

This poor anonymous fellow was, at one moment smiling his way towards the finish line, and, the next moment, on the ground. Awkwardly, he made it through the finish, as you can see in the photo.

And, I’ll end with the day’s cutest fan, 9-week old Toby, a Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix (I think my dog found a boyfriend, and apparently she goes for the younger guys!):

So, after these two days, I’m still not sure if March came in like a lion or a lamb.


6 Responses to “Lamb Or Lion?”

  1. Bob Gentile says:

    Geesh I have to remember to bundle up a bit BEFORE I read ur posts 🙂 burrrrr on ur first training run.

    and wow love the pics on that ski festival and DANG IT>.. I WANT A DOG, so cute!

  2. JeffO says:

    Yep, winter won’t let us forget.
    i what to learn skate skiing.

  3. Backofpack says:

    That looks like a fun day! March is always a mixed bag around here. We’ll hope for the best and probably get soaked. Shouldn’t get any more ice though – yay!!!

  4. Journey to a Centum says:

    I’d say mother nature was just showing you who’s boss. Glad you were able to enjoy the run despite the change in weather.

    I’m sure everyone involved in the XC Ski event appreciated your help. Great action shots! If I were in any of those shots you would only be able to see my knees & Skis. I have a tendancy to bury my head in the snow. Probably from all the rocks in my head.

  5. Meghan says:

    Bob- No kidding. And I, in turn, must make a tiki drink before reading yours. That is, if you ever post again. I hope the work is going okay for you!

    JeffO- So do I, JeffO. Methinks I’m going to have to wait another season, though. I KNOW spring is about to spring.

    Michelle- Let us hope that you guys get no more ice, and us no more walls of winter! ‘Kay? Kay. 🙂

    Eric- Must be challenging to be top heavy! How, then, do you stay upright when running so speedily?

  6. Sunshine Girl says:

    Greetings from my winter wonderland to yours….I have three words for you:
    I GET IT!!!

    Leslie of Banff

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