The Cost Of Going Greener

On March 4, 2008, in Uncategorized, by Meghan

Allow me to introduce The Beast. This machine gets its name because it rises to the perpetual duty of heating my most ridiculously uninsulated house. The Beast is a propane heater that’s made to look like a wood stove. Out of view, on the back of the heater, lies a hose that brings in propane from an underground propane tank in the yard. When the house needs to be heated, the propane is burned inside of The Beast. An electric fan (Note the electrical cord on the back of the heater in the photo.) then circulates the heat created by the burning propane out of the machine and into the house.

This heater does miraculous work, but I live in a government house that still has its original 1940’s windows and insulation (And, the roof is probably almost as old as I am.). During the coldest winter days, The Beast has to work all day long to just to keep the temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit inside the house. While this little house is cute, quaint, and almost historic, heating it during the frigid winter months makes me think that I alone am melting the polar ice caps. Then there’s also the issue of propane being so-danged expensive out here in the middle of almost nowhere.

Recently, I’ve been trying to use The Beast’s heat for more than a singular heating purpose. Specifically, I’ve been using its heat to dry freshly washed clothes. Really, who needs a laundry dryer when I have this machine? This worked perfectly for the first few weeks, until I accidentally left a piece of clothing too close to the heater.

As you can see, The Beast does fine work! Such is the cost of going just a bit greener.


6 Responses to “The Cost Of Going Greener”

  1. WynnMan says:

    Hey Meghan!Hope the beast is keeping you warm! We could use a couple of those up here in the Upper Midwest, but things are warming up I think (:

    Look forward to meeting you at Chippewa Moraine 50km. It will be one hellofa robust romp through the northwoods.


  2. Backofpack says:

    I’m just glad you weren’t wearing the sweater when that happened!

  3. Journey to a Centum says:

    If you try to go green here in Seattle ELF torches your development.

    I wonder if you wet down the shirt and tossed it on the beast a few more times if you could get a cool tie-dye pattern going?

  4. JeffO says:

    Ouch- the cost of clothing isn’t cheap.
    My house is also uninsulated, 1945, no venting, no proper way to add insulation without causing rot and/or mold.
    Add to that I don’t sleep in a real bed – just a 3″ foam pad on the floor, in the basement.
    So now you know my secret – why sleeping on the ground in winter isn’t so bad.
    I hope this winter isn’t too long for you.

  5. Sunshine Girl says:

    I can’t believe you made it to Big Bend this winter: I have had that trip on my radar for quite some time and I am most ENVIOUS!


  6. Meghan says:

    Wynn- I think we’re all headed for the land of clearer skies and warmer weather. Till then, I’ll still be depending on The Beast!

    Michelle- That could be worse, you’re right!

    Eric- Heh, I’ll think about that tie dye project, while I look over my shoulders for the ELF.

    JeffO- Methinks perhaps camping is a step up from your house’s sleeping arrangements!

    Leslie- I used to live in Big Bend, for 5 years! It really is a dreamy place, you must someday visit!

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