Almost Sprung

On March 14, 2008, in Uncategorized, by Meghan

(Pronghorn antelope along a favorite running route, apologies for the faded photo as my camera was on the wrong setting. Edit: Never mind, Chelle brightened my pronghorn photo. Much better! Thanks, Chelle!)

Spring has almost sprung. Or, spring is spring-ing? Whatever. We’ve all almost survived winter.

While I say we, I really mean the wildlife (Don’t mind my flagrant anthropomorphism in this entry.). The local grazers, the elk, deer, bison, and pronghorn, are looking mighty meek in these latest winter throes. The elks’ fur has lost its shiny luster and begun to look cowlick-y and bed-tossed. The deer have stopped being skittish; when I pass by with a 40 pound dog that looks everything like a predator to these little ungulates, they merely lethargically stare. I can see vertebrae and ribs poking through the dirt-matted, nearly-dreaded fur of the bison. And the pronghorn, the dear pronghorn: some people say that the pronghorn population has been decimated this winter as a result of increased predation by wolves (The park’s scientists will count them later this year, so we’ll find out then for sure.).

In the last ten or so days, the snow has been melting heartily. The grazers are taking this opportunity to chew the emerging brown grass to nubs. Any moment now, green grass sprouts will appear, a supreme, savory spring delicacy for these winter-wrought grazers. Except that last night, Mother Nature cruelly laid down about two inches of snow, covering the ground again. I’ve just watched a few elk rummage through the neighbor’s yard. They wandered around with seemingly deflated spirits, only half-heartedly using their front hooves to dig through to that brown grass. I want to run outside and tell them, “Hold on! Spring has almost sprung! This snow will melt today, or tomorrow. And maybe the green grass you’re all anxiously waiting for is just under that snow.”

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t have the urge to talk to animals. However, I wish I could somehow convey to them the human emotion of hope.

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” Epicurus


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  1. Danni says:

    I love this post Meghan.

  2. JeffO says:

    Nice pronghorn photo!
    I’m in Salida, CO and it’s snowing. The marathon is tomorrow morning. It’ll be a narly winter run.
    The deer have plenty to eat as there are several places that get plenty of regular sun and no wind so it creates little micro-climates where the grass is bare.

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