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On June 4, 2008, in Uncategorized, by Meghan

It’s elk calving season and these adorable little creatures are everywhere. So are the tourists who wish glimpses of them, as well as the predators that want to eat them. Three days ago, a big black bear was feeding on an elk calf it had killed about 100 yards from my house!

This youngin’ is maybe 24 hours old. Elk calves are spotted and almost scentless, just like deer, so that they can bed down in brush without detection. It’s amazing the places you can stumble upon a bedded down elk calf, like under a sagebrush next to your neighbor’s house!

They’re born all legs and watching them learn to stand-walk-run is endlessly amusing. The calves are adept, though, and they go from 4-legged splayed awkwardness to playful galloping in a matter of hours.

As most mothers are, elk cows are fiercely protective of their young. They’ll charge and fight with whatever they perceive to be threats to their calves. One has to be quite careful about where they run right now, lest one wants to be mowed down by a mother elk!

I’m off to the Midwest for the Kettle Moraine 100k tomorrow. I’m feeling strong and ready to race. I’m also looking forward to hanging out with cool ultrarunners like Bob and others, and spending time with some of my old Midwest friends. “See” you next week!


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  1. Backofpack says:

    Oh, you’ll have to check out Leslie’s blog (Banff Trail Trash)!

    Have fun in the Midwest!

  2. Iris says:

    Have a great race Meghan!

  3. Sunshine Girl says:

    Hmmm….it all looks so vaguely familiar! I don’t know what it is! I’d say “fiercely protective” is bang-on though!

    Have a great weekend, I’m envious! Go enjoy!


  4. sea legs girl says:

    Cool. I would have loved to have seen the bear feasting on the elk calf. Not something that happens too often in our back yard.
    I hope you have a great race this weekend! Let’s hope it doesn’t storm too much. I’m sorry we won’t be seeing you at this race. My ego can’t take being beaten as badly again anyway :).

  5. Bob Gentile says:

    Meghan said: watching them learn to stand-walk-run is endlessly amusing
    hmmmm I am thinking the last 20 or so miles is going to be endlessly amusing watching this Jersey boy stumble & bumble through the woods…. with all the lions & tigers & bears , Oh My –lol

    great pics & you are going to have an awesome race and it’s going to fun cheering you on as you fly back past us 🙂

    see ya soon!

  6. Audrey says:

    RACE DAY!! Awesome!!!

  7. Beth says:

    Those little buggers are so cute!!

    Best of luck in your race Meghan!! I can’t wait to see all your hard work pay off. Run tough and have fun!!

  8. jeff says:

    best wishes, meghan! all your hard work is going to pay off in spades!

  9. mtnrunR says:

    run faster than the mosquitos. tear it up meghan!

  10. Danni says:

    Good luck!!! Cute pictures.

  11. Journey to a Centum says:

    Meghan – Based on Leslie’s mama elk experience you must be thinking of building a tunnel to your car so you don’t need to step into your front yard.

    Nothing like having a black bear hunting for prey a few hundred yards from your home. Yikes!

    All that said it’s pretty cool that you can observe all the bambinos as they stumble/walk/run.

    Hopefully you won’t have many stumbles at the 100K. Have a great time! When you return home I hope you won’t find a house full of bears and missing porridge. Good luck Goldilocks!

  12. JeffO says:

    Oh, work has robbed me of all free time, so I’m too late! I don’t guess you’ll get this in time.
    Good luck at Kettle!
    Great photos! That is so extremely cool to watch all that going on from home! That’s heaven.

  13. JeffO says:

    Hey, congrats on Kettle 100K! 3rd-pl F – way to go!

  14. mary says:

    Meghan, Congratulations on your 100k finish. Can’t wait to hear about it! I hope you are recovering well.

  15. Meghan says:

    To all of you:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the good luck wishes and thoughts!


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