Primal Quest In Town

On June 25, 2008, in Uncategorized, by Meghan

The Primal Quest expedition-length adventure race is going on in my proverbial neighborhood right now. I am fascinated by this event because, at one time or another, I have trained on a significant portion of the course. I am also fascinated because, since we had such a fierce winter and virtually no spring, portions of the course are in really rough shape (record high water levels in rivers and streams, uncured low-elevation trails, and deep snow pack at high elevations). And, finally, I’m fascinated because this is a freaking insane race.

This morning, my friends and I went to one of the planned transition areas (where racers were supposed to transition from mountain biking to kayaking) to cheer on competitors, only to find it nearly vacated. We learned that the course had been changed due to dangerously high water levels on the Yellowstone River, and competitors would now be mountain biking along an adjacent route. We scurried over to the new route, and were lucky enough to watch the 3rd place team bike by, looking very strong as the race clock ticked into the 3rd day of competition.

Later in the day (after 5 hours of soaking in hot springs and laying in the sun), we went back to the course and saw 3 more teams cruise by, the 1oth through 12th place teams. Everyone looked impressively solid and in good spirits after 150 or so miles of racing.

My training route tomorrow will unintentionally intersect a small portion of the Primal Quest course. While the area is a big, bad mountain range with a lot of backcountry, there’s a chance I might see a team or two out there. At this point, teams will have been on course for about 300 miles, which is an almost intangible idea to me. I bet they’ll still look tough and be smiling.

Cheers to these super hard core racers, and I hope you enjoy what I call home.


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  1. Journey to a Centum says:

    I saw the title of your blog and thought you had a date or something!

    Primal Quest is a great strategy race. Have fun watching it all take place. You might find the participants a bit crabby by 300 miles.

  2. A says:

    oh, how cool! What a great event in your “backyard!” Talk about inspiring. Yep, hard-core, indeed.

  3. Sunshine Girl says:

    Look for Tim and Doone – they are out there this year!!

  4. rick says:

    I’m totally amazed by the long distance adventure racers. So many miles, so many days with little sleep, so much equipment and so many skills to master. They’re awesome.

    Spectating, lounging and more spectating, sounds like a super day.

  5. kendrara says:

    Hey awesome gal, it’s been a too long time (does anyone listen to Crystal Gayle anymore?) and I will do a grand injustice to all the posts I’ve missed by just saying “HI” and that I’m so glad you are doing well.

  6. Meghan says:


    Eric- Tsk, naughty mind!

    Anne- So very cool! I got to see Primal Quest racers on 3 different days, all over Montana.

    Leslie- I looked for them, but never saw them. They are moving stealthily through Montana’s backcountry as we speak.

    Rick- I got to look inside one team’s gear truck. It was akin to a mobile REI.

    Kendra- Hi! You’re forgiven for not visiting because you like Crystal Gayle. I hope you’re doing really well!

  7. JeffO says:

    So sorry I’m “the late JeffO”. The height of racing season (and all those other excuses).

    Very cool to see Primal Quest!!
    No, I don’t get inspired to do it also. One look at their gear trucks is enough to warn me away – too much stuff!!!! Better them than me – but they are certainly bad-butt, huh?

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