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EDIT 8/8 at 2 pm: Thank you so much for your concern! As soon as I began reading the earlier comments to this post, I simultaneously got scared and began losing all this water! Since yesterday afternoon, I’ve been steadily losing. I just weighed myself, and I am a whopping 6 pounds lighter than I was just 24 hours ago and I feel SO.MUCH.BETTER. It was as if my body needed to be frightened back to doing the right thing! Also, I’m working on my race write-up, so look for it tomorrow.

Ohmygosh I am in pain, and I need your super-secret solutions for eliminating after-race water retention.

My body is carrying about 10 pounds (Maybe more if I lost any weight during this race. This is a huge amount of water for my body!) of water weight. It makes my feet swell to the point that my loosened sandal straps cut into my feet. My ankles and calves now ooze into one another. My thighs are thick with a layer of water. My loosened watchband and bracelet cut into my wrists. My fingers look like munchable sausages.

I don’t mind all this temporary aesthetic nastiness, but it’s very uncomfortable. My feet hurt all day long and they feel kind of numb. Twice I’ve been woken up at night by throbbing in my arms and legs. When I try the common methods of alleviating such swelling, I can only get the water to move. For example, lower leg compression socks and elevation of my feet move the water to my thighs and arms. Basically, I need to get the water out of my body. I know my body will do this on its own time, but I’d like to speed the process because it’s an inhibitive condition and it’s quite painful.

Can anyone help me? Thank you!


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  1. Doug and Maria Lawson says:

    Hi Megan, Your story concerns me. Have a look at the following link.
    Given how general the swelling is, you may have an electrolite imbalance and may wish to consider seeing your doctor to make sure you are okay. Doug

  2. The Salty One says:

    Although it might seem just uncomfortable and unattractive, I would also like to encourage you to see a doctor. It can’t hurt anyway. God only knows what kind of stuff happens to one’s body when they push it to its ultimate limit like you just did. Take care of yourself!! You have many more adventures to go get yourself into!

  3. E-Speed says:

    yikes sounds scary! I know I was puffy for a few days after JFK the first time, but it seemed to go down. Your body has been through a lot so it is sure to react poorly. Definitely third the doctor comments especially if this has never happened to you before. I wonder too if the flying has an effect on your water balance. Hope you get this fixed quickly and are back to your super skinny self!

  4. Holly says:

    Eek! That sounds incredibly uncomfortable. I agree with my Dad (1st commenter). I would head to the doctor. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. WynnMan says:

    First off despite the buoyancy issue, congratulations on an awesome run at Burning River! Are you hooked on 100’s now?

    On rare occurences my feet will swell for a few days after a 50 miler for instance. I can tell because I can no longer see the usual weaving of veins on the top of my feet. More than likely you have a slight electrolyte imbalance. I would encourage drinking wheat grass 3-4 servings a day to help alkalize the body. Don’t avoid water just because you are swollen, as it will help detoxify and recover your system after the race.

    At night keep the feet and legs up, and stay off them as much as possible if you can. Ice, and if you have someone that can massage your legs and feet, even better. A taught massage with legs elevated will help drain fluids back down to the core.

    If you still are experiencing pain that of course I would suggest seeing a Doc.

    I am no doctor, but I did stay at Holiday Inn Express once.

    recover well!

    -Wynn ( took medical science classes my first year of college and then dropped that major to be an art teacher, ha!) sorry I can’t help you more.

  6. Danni says:

    Eeeks Meghan that sounds bad. My normal remedy for bloat is to eat “Paleo” for a day or two (all fruits, veggies, nuts, good fats, lean protein and no grains). Your state right now sounds like more than common bloat though. I hope you feel better soon. 🙁

  7. JeffO says:

    I haven’t had the pain you’re having, but last year I had tons of swelling that lasted more than a week. My flesh below the knees had the consistency of clay, and I could mold my fingers into my flesh and the depressions would stay.

    In your extreme case, I would wrap Ace bandages around your legs, plus elevate, plus massage. Lots of ice baths, then hot, ice, hot, ice, hot – massaging all the time. If your sodium is too high, lots of plain water ought to help dillute.
    I’m not prone to going to a doctor for everything, but they could test your blood to see what your PH level is. That would let you know how much of it is water and how much could be trauma swelling.

    Good luck with it, Meghan. I’ll be feeling your pain soon.

  8. Sunshine Girl says:


  9. kelly says:

    Meghan, get your butt to the Doctor and don’t fool around. Running 100s are hard on us, and it stresses our bodies alot. I have been hospitalized twice with a very serious condition after running two different hundreds. (I didn’t have your symptoms) You want to make sure that everything is ok and there is not something going on that you are not aware of.

    Also, congrats on your awesome run at Burning River. Way to go!!

  10. Meghan says:

    Thank you all for your kind and *frightening* comments. I added an edit to the top of this blog entry about my improvements. Thank you, thank you for the advice!


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