Home Again

On September 1, 2008, in Friends, Lifestyle, Racing, by Meghan

Leslie and I at the TransRockies Run finish line at the Beaver Creek Ski Resort on Saturday (from Keith, Leslie's hubby).

After a 9-day vacation that included 6 days of running/racing in the Colorado Rockies at the 2008 TransRockies Run, epic road tripping with Leslie and Leslie’s husband Keith, reconnecting with old running friends, and meeting lots of new and really awesome people, I’m finally home again. It’s difficult to succinctly describe how much fun this experience was on its different levels. There is much to write and so many pictures to post from this vacation, and I promise to do it all in the next several days.

By now some of you understand that there is irony in the title of this blog post. Returning home to Yellowstone had a bittersweet edge because I won’t be calling this place my home for much longer. In about a month, I’ll be making my way to a new job, new home, and new playground at Yosemite National Park. I’m simultaneously elated for the professional and personal opportunities that arrive with this move and sad to be leaving what I’ve called home for 3 1/2 years.

Now that I’ve shared that ridiculously large looming life adventure, I can get back to writing about all the fun I’ve been having lately. Stay tuned!

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  1. Audrey says:

    Congratulations Meghan!!!! I look forward to adventures from your fabulous new ‘hood!

  2. Journey to a Centum says:

    Will your bathroom/hot room/sauna be bigger in Yosemite?

    Can’t wait for them to post the final results for TransRockies. Great effort on the first 5 legs to both of you!

    Saw both of you in the various videos they took of each leg.

    Now you get to explore all the “unknown” spots of Yosemite. I hope you will share a few nuggets with us on your blog!

    This makes the Yosemite 100 your home course now! Have you signed up yet? Maybe you should recover from TransRockies first.


  3. chelle says:

    I had a feeling that might be your news. Congrats!!! My gut told me that phone interview had gone really well…it just sounded very positive in a karmic energy sort of way in the one-sided perspective I had on that. So they weren’t scared off by the fact that you “come with canine!”

    I’ve somewhat fallen off the face of the earth here, crushed in an avalanche of reading and life change, but I’m hoping to emerge back into my online life soon. I hope!!!

  4. saschasdad says:

    Ahhhhh, I feel so special to be part of the TR group that you first told of your new adventure. I didn’t know we were the first to know…gee thanks!

  5. Backofpack says:

    Can’t wait to read your TransRockies adventures, and the Yosemite ones too. Change is hard, but good. Exciting times ahead!

  6. Bob Gentile says:

    Welcome back home again 🙂 catch up with ya this week to share some stories!!

    and Congrats on the job move, they found a winner !!!

  7. E-Speed says:

    Glad your Rockies adventure went so well!

  8. Trail Goat says:

    I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your TransRockies adventures!

  9. JeffO says:

    Your life is a whirlwind of adventure – on and off the trails. Looking forward to reading about the details!
    You two did SO well at TRR! 2nd to Anita Ortiz is a very lofty place to end up.

  10. rick says:

    Congratulations both for Transrockies and the job at Yosemite. Such a big year for you!

  11. Meghan says:

    Hi all! Thanks for all the friendliness and love!

    Audrey- Thanks! I’ll be moving to Yosemite just in front of winter’s arrival, so my galavanting will be a bit limited.

    Eric- Thanks for supporting Team Trail Trash! You can bet that I will be sharing all of my Yosemite adventures with my blog!

    Chelle- I knew that people like you who were a part of the interviewing process would have done the math and figured out my secret! Thanks, girlie! I hope you are surviving your big series of life changes and I look forward to hearing about them when you have time. Take good care!

    Sean- You were of the elite group of the early informed and, yes, you should feel special. Thanks!

    Michelle- Thanks! I’m definitely soooo excited, somewhat sad, and a tiny bit scared. But, like you said, that’s what change is all about!

    Bob- Thanks! Sorry to hear about GTR100. Leslie and I were actually talking about you while we were on course on Saturday, sending you well wishes. I look forward to catching up with you.

    Elizabeth- Thanks, girlie! I need to amble over to your blog and see what’s going on these days. Hope you’re well!

    Bryon- Are you sure you want to hear about the rest of my adventures? They might include discussions of butter-eating and sombrero-wearing. Just kidding! Well, a little bit!

    JeffO- Hi! Wow, I kind of wish I could slow life down a little bit, actually. Leslie and I finished a solid 4th in the general contention. On stage 5, we pushed and squeaked out a 2nd place finish behind Anita and her partner Katie.

    Rick- Thanks! The year keeps getting bigger and bigger. As I said to JeffO, I kind of wish it could slow down just a bit.

  12. Beth says:

    Hey Meghan! Can’t wait to read about and see pictures of your most recent adventure. And huge congrats to you on your new job!! I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know where Yosemite was and I had to look it up!! Sounds like an amazing opportunity!!

  13. Sunshine Girl says:

    Running 6 days + beers + 2000km of driving = CANKLES.


  14. Danni says:

    Fun fun fun!!!

  15. KeNdRaLsTiN says:

    Meghan – really?!?! From one beautiful “Y” to another! Oh, I’m somehow sad you’ll be leaving the Rockies – you were such a wonderful and worthy spokesperson for them: a defender, an appreciater, a reveler. But I join everyone in looking forward to your new reports from a new place. At least it’s not, like, Topeka. Not that there’s anything wrong with Topeka!!! But, you know, that would kind of be a drastic transition. Just topography-wise. You know. And CoNGRATS on TR – and all the other major amazing stuff you’ve been doing! I hope your and Leslie’s cankles drop their initial “c” soon. 🙂

  16. Meghan says:

    Beth- Thanks! Don’t be embarrassed, it is on the other side of the country after all!

    Leslie- Dood, that sucks. You gotta try the compression socks. They are like heaven for cankles. Either that or lay off the beers, eh? Hope you’re and your legs are feeling mo betta soon! Hugs!

    Danni- Yep yep yep! Thanks!

    Kendra- I’m a little shocked and saddened myself, but I hope it will be a good, positive change. I will become a John Muir disciple, just watch. Hope you’re doing well, little lady!

    Thanks, all, for the happy commentary,

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