Top Ten Reasons Why Leslie And Keith Are So Cool

On November 17, 2008, in Friends, by Meghan

Leslie finds all kinds of distinct pleasure in Yosemite National Park!

The famous Canadians, Leslie and Keith

Leslie and Meghan contemplate, well, stuff.

Keith and Meghan hug it out in front of Half Dome.

When Leslie goes, she always goes big.

About ten days ago, Leslie and Keith began their California Tenth Anniversary Tour with a stopover at Camp Sea Foam and Yosemite National Park. We had a grand time eating burritos, drinking wine, playing Yosemite tourist, and trail running. Since it was Leslie and Keith’s 10th anniversary, I thought it would be appropriate to commemorate their visit with the “Top Ten Reasons Why Leslie And Keith Are So Cool:”

10. Keith doesn’t like spiders, but he camped cozily at the Sea Foam Palace, which is an unintentional spider sanctuary. He didn’t even scream when a spider crawled on his head!

9. Keith and Leslie are perfect dog babysitters. Border Collie experts know that it’s impossible to fatigue members of that breed. However, Leslie and Keith gave the dog a run for her money.

8. Leslie and Keith lie well. They make me feel all right about my limbo-ey life!

7. Keith and Leslie are creative. They named the new house into which I’m shortly moving, the Buttercup at SunPointe.

6. Keith is becoming a super-stud trail runner. While Leslie’s trail running prowess is documented, Keith has been building his trail running resume over the last months. He tackled a new challenge on his visit here, a Yosemite National Park twenty miler that boasted 4500 feet of vertical ascent.

5. Leslie is a girl with boy emotional expression. I’m a girl who also emotes like a boy, so this is a brilliant combination. (I’m stereotyping behavior for the sake of illustration; hope y’all don’t mind!)

4. Leslie and Keith like wine and hugs. I like wine and hugs. Enough said.

3. Leslie is a trail running fashionista. While she only carries a teeny, tiny pack, it contains an unending variety of accessories. Check out the accompanying photos!

2. Leslie and Keith get things done. My coffee pot was flagging under the heavy workload of caffeinating myself, Leslie, and Keith (More like, my coffee pot had gone belly up prior to their arrival.). While I tried to nurse the ailing coffee pot, they bought me a new and advanced coffee pot model.

1. Keith and Leslie are sweet, kind, funny, caring, generous, and happy friends. Meeting these two amazing people at TransRockies this summer was a fortuitous occurrence in my life.

Thanks so much for visiting Leslie and Keith, and a happy belated 10th anniversary!

10 Responses to “Top Ten Reasons Why Leslie And Keith Are So Cool”

  1. Rick Gaston says:

    Look at you, showing off your new trails. Great pics.

  2. JeffO says:

    Were those pics taken with your camera or K&L's? Really great photos.

  3. Danni says:

    Great pictures! I get to run with Leslie next week! I am so excited to meet this insane lady!!!

    And I’m mad at myself that I didn’t pop down to Bozeman while you were here. Sigh.

  4. saschasdad says:

    This, Meghan, is a great post! It looks like the Trail Trash & Keith had a wonderful time playing in your new playground. Yes, I'm jealous, and yes, I will get my sorry butt down there eventually to also play tourist (and I'll bring Hart with me).

    I love your Top 10 Reasons…all of those apply perfectly those Keith and Leslie.

  5. Sunshine Girl says:

    Definitely,your best post ever!!
    Thanks for the love! Heart you back! ‘Nuf said…


  6. Journey to a Centum says:

    This post goes to prove it’s not the stuff you have but the people you have in your life.

    I don’t know why you would want to move away from camp seafoam but buttercup at sunpointe does sound filled with good karma!


  7. jeff says:

    ooh! leslie has one of the salomon packs! ask her where she got it and how she likes it! i’ve been dying to come across some place that has them or someone who has used them.

    oh, yeah…and yay for spending time with friends!

  8. Sunshine Girl says:

    The Salomon pack rocks, it’s the absolutely perfect size for long adventure runs with the perfect side pocket for my bear spray,but it didn’t hold up: I’ve destroyed it in one year! I’m going to get another, I love it! I bought it locally, but I’m a loooong ways away from you honey! Hey, wait a minute…isn’t this blog entry supposed to be about how cool I am? 🙂 Yay for friends.

  9. Leslie's Keith says:

    It’s winter now…so Les and I have gone from “Cool” to just plain ‘COLD’…off to the hot tub!

    Meghan, good luck with the move to ‘Buttercup’ (save the heavy lifting until you have some ‘help’ on Friday!)…I’m sure we’ll make the trek to see how you’ve settled in soon enough! Pet June for me!


  10. Miss H says:

    They really are so cool! Yay for friends indeed.

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