A Trans-Yellowstone Snowshoe Adventure

On January 26, 2009, in Adventure, Running, by Meghan

Beautiful scenery and wildlife were highlights of our journey.

The temperature crept to scary cold temperatures each day, another adventure "highlight."

Here are the basic deets:

  • 3 days of snowshoeing
  • 17 pound pack
  • 50 miles of Yellowstone National Park interior from West Yellowstone, MT to Mammoth Hot Springs, WY

In the next few days, I’ll post the rest of the story, and, hopefully lots of fun photos as well. It was a freaking awesome winter Yellowstone trip, though. And, I think it was also fabulous Marathon des Sables training, if you can believe it.

14 Responses to “A Trans-Yellowstone Snowshoe Adventure”

  1. Bob - says:

    3 days of snowshoeing
    17 pound pack
    50 miles of Yellowstone
    Ya that was a solid three days of training…

    MDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS watch out, Meghan is a coming and she going to be ready to kick some camel ass πŸ™‚

  2. Danni says:

    That sounds cold! But awesome!!!

  3. Sunshine Girl says:

    We can believe it. But I thought your whole MDS strategy was to get some boy to carry your pack the whole distance, wasn’t it?!?

  4. JeffO says:

    Wow, that’s some COLD weather!

  5. cathy says:

    What a great adventure!! Did June go with you?

  6. Trail Goat says:

    Why do you have a picture of a novelty thermometer. Numbers below the zero are like a clock that runs backwards!

  7. Rick Gaston says:

    I was just telling Jess last night over wine that you were getting in some snow shoe training. Have fun!

  8. saschasdad says:

    So it’s gonna be a cold year at MdS? Why else would you camp out in that weather? Yes, I’m jealous.

    I’m sure you kids had a freakin’ blast! I can’t wait for the pictures (pretty please!).

    I’m gonna be in CA again on Feb. 7. Consider this your call.

  9. holly says:

    So fun! I can’t wait for the pics. Any frozen eyelashes?

  10. A says:

    ooh! I can’t wait for the story! Wow! FUN! Cold, but FUN! πŸ™‚

  11. Leslie's Keith says:

    Please threaten Trail Goat so he sends or posts the pics…use whatever means necissary!

    We want pics!


  12. Trail Goat says:

    Trail Goat is sadly still at work and will be for awhile longer. Please send him food… or a job offer for an interesting job out west that won’t keep him in the office past 9, unless he wants to be there!

  13. Sunshine Girl says:


  14. Meghan says:

    Ooh, ooh, I haven’t commented on my own blog in months and months and months. I wonder if anyone will read this?

    Bob- Watch out camel, er, ass!

    Danni- Buuuuurrrrrr! πŸ™‚

    Ress-reeeee- I tried to find one, but this one had enough of his own gear. πŸ™‚

    JeffO- Buuuuurrrrrrr! πŸ™‚

    Cathy- Thanks! Unfortunately June didn’t make the airplane trip from Yosemite. I suspect she was hanging out in balmy 50 degree weather, playing with other dogs. πŸ™‚

    Bryon- Yeah, it wasn’t cold. Was it?

    Rick- Thanks! Yes, always tell stories about me over booze. πŸ™‚

    Sean- Pictures posted! Enjoy!

    Holly- Frozen eyelashes, head hair, nostril hair. It was Alberta cold! πŸ™‚

    Anne- I was trying to channel your love of crazy Idaho winter weather on this weekend. πŸ™‚

    Keith- Pictures posted! Hopefully this will quiet the masses!

    Bryon- Who would ever want to be in the office past 9? Oh, and did anyone send you food?!

    Leslie- Eeeks! May-day, may-day! The masses are going crazy! Pictures posted, pictures posted!

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