Clotheslined By The Flu

On December 17, 2009, in Lifestyle, by Meghan

You know that you’ve been flu clotheslined when:

1. Your scale weighs you in at 5 pounds lost from multiple days of little food and the increased metabolic requirements of fighting a 103 F fever (Nevermind illness-related dehydration, as I’m recovered from that now.).

2. The process of making broth-y soup is so exhaustive that you can’t actually consume said soup until you lay down and recover.

3. Making it as far as the front porch for a day’s activities is an endurance event.

4. At 31 years of age, you reallyreallyreally wish your mommy was here to take care of you.

5. You have made good use of your monthly Netflix rental charges by watching hours of instant movies online.

6. Via surfing, you have finally found the end of the Internet.

7. You’re wearing your thickest sweater and a down jacket underneath a down comforter and you still can’t shake the chills.

8. You hurt worse than during or after any ultra-race you’ve yet run.

While my body is still wholly wiped, my mind (including my sense of humor) is back from the hazy depths of fever. I know many of us are suffering this flu season, so if you have anything to add to this clotheslining list, please share. Until then, health to all of you!

If I were Junebug the Border Collie, this is what I would have looked like this week, sad and bed/couch/floor-ridden.

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10 Responses to “Clotheslined By The Flu”

  1. Bryon Powell says:

    So what you're telling us is that you need to find a tougher ultramarathon to run, right?!

  2. saschasdad says:

    Under that down comforter add some cozy flannel sheets and a toasty electric blanket. If that doesn't work, snuggle up next to the fatboy. If that still doesn't work, well, I'm sorry to say that you're doomed to be cold until your flu subsides.

  3. Sheryl says:

    aww feel better soon, Meghan!

  4. AnthonyP says:

    I can't believe it took this long to find your blog! Jealousy…that's all I could think of when looking at your "Pure Zion" post. I have asked Bryon to adopt me and have me move out West countless time!

    Hope you feel better soon.


  5. Danni says:

    I am sick but of course don't get the 5 pound weight loss benefit :p I hope you get better soon. Sounds awful.

  6. SteveQ says:

    Had the flu and pneumonia – knocked me on my, well… knocked me out. You know the fever's high when you lay on the cement basement floor naked and you see giraffes wander by.

  7. Meghan says:

    Hi friends, I'm pleased to let you all know that I increased my activity level today by walking the length of the driveway not once, but twice! That's prolly about 1/3 mile of walking, with hills! I'm on the mend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bryon- Not that you'd understand any comparables, as you fled this side of the continent at my first sign of sniffles. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sean- The chills and fever are over now, and I'm elated. That was so miserable, I've never had such a high fever before. And, fatboy avoided me like the plague (as he well should have), so I didn't get any extra warmth from him!

    Sheryl- Thanks so much!

    Anthony- Hi to you! You and your family could, er, roll in a trailer right next to ours?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep, that's the trick! Thanks for the well wishes!

    Danni- Soooooo silly, you are! It's miserable, I'm so weak. Luckily I finally have an appetite today, so I'm rebuilding my strength through calories. Thanks!

    SteveQ- Er, you were really sick, yeah? Good grief, and I'm glad you're better.

    Thanks again, all!

  8. Rick Gaston says:

    5 pounds?! But you weigh nothing already. Was it the NF50? Did Northern Californians give you their germs? Hey maybe it was the other out of town folk. I'm glad you are on the mend. As much as it sucked I'm glad it happened before christmas and new year. Food will probably still taste like week old fruitcake but you will be nice and healthy by the time the new year comes around.

  9. Tom says:

    sorry about the flue, the up side is you POSTED on the blog…

  10. Meghan says:

    Rick- I'm pretty sure my company Christmas party gave me the flu. Several people also got sick in the days afterward. ๐Ÿ™‚ Boo, but I fee SO MUCH BETTER now!

    Tom- Yes, there are apparent upsides to relative physical immobility. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks, all!

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