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Welcome to my new (Internet) home! I greet you with a warm welcome, perchance with a bit less slobber and face licks than my ol’ partner in crime, Junebug the Border Collie, would use to say say hello. I suppose you would prefer that. And, frankly, so would I.

You’ve probably noticed that my blog has moved from its Blogspot home of nearly 3 years. I hope that you’ve arrived without trouble via a perfect re-direct. I’m a real newbie when it comes to this whole website development thing, so each day is a test.

“The only constant is change.” (Heraclitus)

This dude, an ancient Greek philosopher, got it right. He might have spent his time on this here Earth 2500 years ago, but I think he and a lot of his buddies were a lot smarter and more perceptive than many of the people occupying our planet today.

Junebug the Border Collie gives you a warm welcome, too!

Change is happening in my world. Some days, change happens wicked fast, like an 8-second ride on a bucking bronco, and I hold tight to the seat of my pants until the sun sets and the day winds down. Other days are like mule-train rest days, the days where the beasts get a layover to graze on green grass, recover their sore muscles, and sleep standing up. Some days, my life’s change is layed over for a day or two as well. What a journey this life stuff is!

For the moment, things are pretty simple here. It’s just my name and my blog. The entries to my blog here are exactly the same, imported as identical copies, as those on my Blogspot home (At least, I hope that importation worked well!). If you’ve commented on my blog in the past, even your comments made a successful migration. I bet you didn’t know that your words could fly! I look forward to your feedback on my website’s (Read: my blog’s) layout. I find it attractive and clean, but that’s just my taste, so I’m anxious for your opinions (Do be at least constructive with your feedback, as already hundreds of late night and early morning hours have gone into this labor of love.).

The blog’s layout isn’t quite completed, yet. I’ve spent time inside each of about a third of the imported blog entries here, making the small tweaks required for the old entries to fall nicely into my new layout. If you visit some of my older posts, you’ll find that, while all of the words and photos are here, the layouts don’t yet match the more recent entries. While I’ve always lamented my lack of time to write as much as I want on my blog, I’m a wee bit grateful now that I haven’t been too prolific over the years. I thank you for your patience as I work to get the layout just right.

Please don’t worry that, because the location and layout of my blog have changed, that its content will as well. My blog, is my blog, is my blog, and that won’t change. I will continue to say (mostly) what I want and how I want to here.

Keep your eyes peeled, though, as some other pieces of this site are amidst their behind-the-scenes development. New pages will continue to pop up as the months progress.

“The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.” (Maya Angelou)

Amen, sister. I’ve found that, from an overall perspective, my world already has a Montana big-sky style horizon. This is in part attributed to being a very lucky girl, and also in part a result of designing a wide-open life for myself. Even so, life’s horizons aren’t a uniform distance away, always, forever. They expand and contract in direct proportion to both life’s current events and one’s perception of said events.  At current, I’m toes-in to a grand ol’ expansion event, and my horizon leans forward, far forward.

Again, welcome, and please enjoy the ride!


6 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Keith says:

    Look…! I found Meghan’s new blog…and “Hi” Junebug!

  2. Meghan says:

    Hi Goldfish!

  3. Inky Wu says:

    Meghan, congrats on your new emancipation! You have what it takes to put the right words in the right place.

    Also, you’ll be astonished to learn that 700 still has JuneBreaks, though no one here is named June. And Inky Wu still noodles.

    I love knowing famous writers.

  4. Hey man , thanks for writing but this article doesn’t format correctly in Safari it is doubled up.

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