A Summer’s End Ode

On October 8, 2010, in Adventure, Lifestyle, Nature, by Meghan

Toes tipped up toward blue sky fair.
Tracing jet trails from here to there.

Attached to long legs, lax and bare.
Fall-day lounging with this playful flare.

From the comfy depths of a lay-down chair.
Keeping summer dreams in a memory snare.

Titmice fledge for life prepared.
Mirrored lakes incite love affairs.

Mountain perches with swallows shared.
Flower-blushed meadows, no inch left spared.

Naps occur when heat ensnares.
The Border Collie pants her cooling prayer.

Secret discoveries of Sierra lairs.
Twilight glimpse of teenage bears.

Rocky knolls for picnics pared.
A tree frog chorus does declare.

Turkeys charge with brainless stares.
Frigid streams and their dunking dares.

Snowfields linger with sharp fanfare.
Hot, foothills life in my underwear.

Trailhead beers clanged with emphatic care.
Friendship bonded as indivisible pair.

Tipping toes on Cloud's Rest

A brave little Titmouse fledges into the front yard.

I ponder the top of the world in the Sierra Nevada (photo by Bryon Powell).

Post-altercation with Junebug the Border Collie, the wild turkeys scamper from the yard.

Bekah fastpacking through the wildflowers of the Sierra Nevada along the PCT.

Napping it out is sometimes the best answer when the going gets hot.

Mount Hoffman mirrors itself in May Lake.

Sun-cupped snow lingers sharply atop Yosemite's Mount Dana.

Good food, good friendship yields a good day in paradise.

13 Responses to “A Summer’s End Ode”

  1. Olga says:

    So, you quit your job, you start writing, and you and Bryon are moving to Utah…did I get it right? Why Utah?

  2. Keith says:

    See Y’all in Utah for some continued bonding and friendship share plan! So glad to have been part of your Sierra and Yosemite experiences…now please go find us some good long road climbs in the Wasatch! Hope we can see you again soon!

  3. Keith says:

    PS…after leaving us to make room for Fall, Summer has returned to Banff and is holding on for it’s last hurrah! Nicer now than all of July…So no “Summer’s End” just yet!

  4. JeffO says:

    The photo from Mt Dana is worth framing.

  5. SteveQ says:

    Just a head’s up: two people found my blog today by Googling “Meghan Hicks pregnant.”

    I have no idea how that leads to my blog, nor why they searched that.

    • Meghan says:

      Funny, the power of Google. My analytics tell me that the most interesting search phrase of the week was “fairy foampalace.” Which is almost as funny as your search phrase. Suffice it to say, I’m neither pregnant nor living in a fairy foampalace. 🙂

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