The Brightness of a San Juan Summer

On August 1, 2011, in Adventure, Lifestyle, by Meghan

It’s August and that means that we’re home from our July in the San Juan Mountains. There are places on this big, grand Earth that strike the heart hard. The San Juans took my lil’ heart for a ride, in a big way.

Storm Peak resides over a high-alpine cirque outside of Silverton, Colorado (Meghan M. Hicks photo credit).

Falling for a place is not unlike falling for a person. One wants more, always more. The heart aches all the time, no matter how close or how far away the place might be. And, when one lays down to sleep, the place becomes a fixture of dreams.

I won’t lie, I miss those mountains. This past July has changed my future to include more, much more, of the San Juans. Perhaps, after this, you can understand my love affair:

(More than half of the photos from this slideshow are Bryon Powell’s. If you think one is particularly pretty, it’s probably his! Thanks for your gracious contribution, Bryon.)

4 Responses to “The Brightness of a San Juan Summer”

  1. Karen says:

    I totally understand your love affair! I have my own with the Alaska Range. Do you live near the San Juans? It looks gorgeous!!!

  2. olga says:

    Ha! Everybody falls for this place, just like that! Sometimes you try to get away, to replace, but you miss it, and once back – swear to never leave again:)

  3. danni says:

    You are such a lucky girl!

  4. Meghan says:

    Karen, where we live in Park City is about 6 hours from the San Juans. Not too far. Enjoy your mountain obsession!

    Olga, I think you’re right!

    Danni, I am, you’re also very, very right. 🙂

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