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 Hidden Hotspots: Ten Trails Worth Traveling To
Spring/Summer 2012
This 11-page advertisement was published in Runner’s World’s 2012 trail issue. Bryon Powell and I composed the copy for this guide to unknown trail-running destinations in the U.S.
Your City’s Dirty Little Secret: A Guide to America’s Top Trail Running Towns
Spring 2011
Bryon Powell and I created the copy for this 17-page advertisement published in Runner’s World’s 2011 trail issue. It’s a trail-running guide for visiting and living in a number of U.S. cities.
Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, and Crocodiles
Big Bend National Park
April 2002
As a National Park Service employee at Big Bend National Park, I composed this interpretive brochure’s content.
The Langford Family: Pioneers of the Big Bend
Big Bend National Park
As a National Park Service employee at Big Bend National Park, I wrote the copy for this interpretive brochure.


Go West and Drink Well at Park City’s High West Distillery and Saloon
Inspirato, LLC.
August 30, 2011
I created the copy for this luxury travel blog post about a drinking and eating establishment in Park City, Utah.
Get Goofy at the Park Silly Sunday Market
Inspirato, LLC.
August 15, 2011
This luxury travel blog post is about a summer festival in Park City, Utah, and I created its copy.
It Ain’t About Swimming
Madhu Nagaraja
March 2012
I developed Madhu’s personal biography for publishing on the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation’s website.