A Girl’s Gotta Have Goals

On January 4, 2011, in Lifestyle, by Meghan

From my home’s perch about 200 vertical feet above Main Street, I watched this town sparkle into 2011…

World, Unbounded

On November 12, 2010, in Lifestyle, Work, by Meghan

Have you before found yourself in a moment of life in which you have nearly no externally or internally-derived constraints?

Square One And The Art Of Hyperextension

On October 26, 2010, in Injury, Running, Work, by Meghan

While sorting papers, I came across an old letter of recommendation from an undergraduate professor. I worked with him a lot during those years, and he knew me well. To paraphrase him, “Meghan’s pretty smart, though she has a work ethic that exceeds her intelligence.”

Notes On Dream Hatching

On September 10, 2010, in Lifestyle, Work, by Meghan

The picture is a bit hen-like, after all, what with me perching on this balance ball.