Others’ Worlds

On March 17, 2010, in Friends, Lifestyle, by Meghan

Whether we possess our own children or not, almost all of us have spent enough time with little people to realize how differently they look at the world from us grown-up types. Many of us have learned enough from said tykes to know that wee ones acquire information about the world via their sensory organs.

No (Place or Wo)Man Is An Island

On February 17, 2010, in Environmental Ethics, Nature, by Meghan

Leslie and I rolled into Joshua Tree National Park and smack into a murky soup of preservation lost. The national park’s horizon was dusted in a brown-tinted haze and we unknowing wondered, “What’s in this air?”

A Slacker Blogger’s Picture Update

On August 21, 2009, in Adventure, Cycling, Friends, Running, by Meghan

Here are some photos from my “Alternate B.U.T.T. Epic,” as organized by Leslie’s Keith. As some blog readers know, Leslie and Keith hosted a HUGE trail running party about 3 weeks ago.

A Week In Banff National Park, Day 1

On July 28, 2009, in Cycling, Friends, Running, by Meghan

There are some amazing things happening this week here in Banff National Park, where the B.U.T.T. Epic Trail Festival/Extravaganza/Party is occurring.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

On June 12, 2009, in Cycling, Injury, Running, by Meghan

You may be able to discern from my blogging absence the fact that I’ve had ample time to ponder the title of this blog entry.