Health Forever, Or At Least 2013

On January 17, 2013, in Injury, Lifestyle, Running, by Meghan

Look-ie here, we survived another year. Hoorays and happy 2013!


On April 18, 2011, in Adventure, Friends, Running, by Meghan

Sometime this winter, the telephone rang and my friend Bekah announced that, ready or not, she was comin’ for a visit.

Pure Zion

On December 6, 2009, in Adventure, Running, by Meghan

As my beloved readers know, I work in and live next to a national park. A Yosemite National Park visitor recently asked me this great question, “When you’re from a national park, where do you go on vacation?” I could have given her lots of answers because almost nothing is off limits to my vacationing…